Frequently Asked Questions

AskMeWatch is a platform created in 2018 by media and watchmaking professionals united around their common passion for watchmaking.

The benefit for a user is to find in a discovery or purchase process his ideal watch among more than 12000 watches referenced on our site.

AskMeWatch is determined to redefine access to watch information, making it much more intuitive, fast and personalized.

On a unique platform, we offer our users a comprehensive view of the market. Not only to provide luxury brands, not just affordable brands, but all watches available for purchase.

To design this new digital experience, we have developed two services that have so far been totally inexistent:
a dynamic search engine, for immediate access to a catalogue of more than 12,000 watches and new products.
a virtual assistant to find your ideal watch according to your personality and tastes.

Our services are also available on Facebook Messenger, so that they can be used well beyond our platform.

We are not an online store, and we do not sell watches. We are a discovery and aggregation platform that allows users to discover the entire offer of watches, compare watch prices and make direct contact with a brand in a simple click. We put buyers in contact with certified professionals or official distributors.

More than a search engine, we allow our users to find among more than 12000 watches referenced on our site, showing them using a personal virtual assistant developed to find the perfect watch according to your personality and tastes.

Create your own content on your social networks by sharing with your friends the results of your research, your selection of ideal watches or simply the Top Watches you have enjoyed. Even if the choice of a watch remains personal, it is always interesting to ask the opinions of your friends!'s dedicated social media team is in constant contact with watch brands and organizes numerous photo shoots of the latest watch releases. The trust relationships we have managed to establish with them allow us to have access to the latest news in preview. Subscribe and enjoy photos of the latest watch news.

Our digital skills have enabled us to develop one of the first chatbot dedicated to the world of watchmaking. Find our virtual personal assistant on your Messenger application in your smartphone. Our chatbot Messenger allows you to receive once a week a watch suggestion according to your tastes and personality. AskMeWatch is dedicated to redefining access to watch information, making it much more intuitive, fast and personalized.

If you are a watchmaking professional or a brand and you want to appear on the first search engine dedicated to watchmaking, contact us. The referencing on our site is totally free of charge. For more information, please visit our business page.

The site adapts to each type of research and your level of knowledge in watchmaking. Whether you are a novice or a watch enthusiast, whether for yourself or to offer, whether you know what you are looking for or you want to be guided, adapts to your needs. If you know nothing about watchmaking, use our personal assistant who will make a selection of matches based on personal criteria. Otherwise use the first search engine dedicated to watchmaking by entering a keyword, a brand, a collection, a model, a reference even for amateurs: a complication in order to discover all the products on the market.

Find out which watch is best adapted to your style, tastes and wallet. Answer a few questions and we will provide you with an ideal selection of watches for you or the person you offer it to. Based on an algorithm specially developed by, and depending on your level of watchmaking knowledge, discover a selection of watches that meet your personal criteria.

Our search engine is powered by a system of filters that allows you to find your ideal watch by funnel among the 12,000 references in our database. Let us guide you or do an active search using keywords and filters.

A watch complication refers to any function on a watch other than the display of hours or minutes. Feel free to browse through our section () to discover these technological achievements. Each function serves a purpose such as displaying seconds, displaying a second time zone, moon phases, etc.